We Are Defender Enthusiasts

You either “get” Land Rover Defenders or you don’t….. and this is the essence of what we are about.

We started out rebuilding our own defenders, and quickly moved on to carrying out modifications, rebuilds and upgrades for a variety of Defender owners who saw what we were doing and wants the same level of care, attention and dedication for their beloved 4×4’s.

Over the years we have worked on many different 90 and 110 defenders, preserving as well as adding value.

We have an ethos of improving what is already there. Defenders have many little foibles and irritants that can detract from the experience of Defender ownership.

Our process starts by fixing, amending & improving these issues, one by one.

Once we had developed workable solutions that make Defenders better to drive, better to use and more practical to own, we developed a following, making Defenders work for friends and then for customers.

A Defender You Will Love To Own

Our aim is to convert our clients Defenders into practical, useable & reliable vehicles that are a pleasure to own….. yours can be too.

Everything about a Defender can be changed. In the majority of instances, it’s just a case of understanding the benefits and shortcomings of each of the available options.

Over the years we have tried many different products in an effort to achieve the benefits we wanted. Some worked, others didn’y, but even the failures led to the results we were looking for in the end.

Consequently, we know what works, the idiosyncrasies that make Land Rover Defenders so interesting to work on.

Refender aren’t just about making your Defender look good, we want it to be a better vehicle, to be improved.

Ask us how we can help, what we can deliver and let us make your Defender all it can be….