• Bespoke Defender Steering Modification
    Your Defender, rebuilt, reconditioned, refettled your way with steering designed to suit your requirements

Defender Steering Upgrades

Imagine if you will, a world where your Land Rover Defender steering goes where you point it…. where you don’t have to make continual steering inputs to stay in lane….. where you have confidence that the steering wheel is connected to the front wheels by something more reliable than elastic!

As standard, Defenders are supplied with steering designed to degrade to zero in a few short years. While the inevitable play that will develop in your Defenders steering gets worse gradually, there will come a point when you decide that enough is enough.

We rebuild Land Rover Defender steering, with several key upgrades that will make your Defender not only feel like new again, but will last longer than the original set up ever did.

If you’re finding it hard to tell if your front wheels are actually connect to your steering wheel, ask us how we can help?