• Replacement Bulkhead Bars
    More room, same torsional rigidity. Open up the inside of your 90, add more driver legroom and cabin space
  • Bulkhead Removal

Land Rover Defender Interior Upgrades

Whatever state of repair your Defender is in currently, here at Refender we can refurbish, replace, upgrade and restore the interior of your defender to meet your requirement, including;

  • Dashboards
  • Seats, leather, heated, electric
  • Carpets
  • Door Cards
  • Door Furniture
  • Bulkhead Removal & Replacement Bar Installation
  • Roof Linings
  • Window Conversions
  • Storage
  • ICE (In Car Entertainment)

With a variety of options from waterproof, hardwearing functional trim through to full leather for that Chelsea Tractor look!

Interior options are endless, and the beauty of the Land Rover Defender is that broadly speaking you can have whatever it is you can imagine.

Replacement Dashboards

There are a variety of upgrade options for your Defender dash. The problem with original dashboards is that materials aren’t great quality, so over time bits break, knobs and levers fail and it will end up looking tired and unloved.

A replacement dash will transform the cabin of your Defender, giving it a new lease of life and making it an inviting place to be.

One issue we are often asked about is retaining the manual air vents with an upgraded dash. There are several options we offer. If you are used to having air vents, you will (if you are anything like us) want to keep them.

We understand your fondness for your old school air con and so have solutions that retain these important features.

We are happy to source materials for you, so please talk to us to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help you.