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Bodywork Upgrades for 90 & 110 Defenders

Facelifting your Defender can be tricky to get right. It all depends on the look you are after. Functional off road or Chelsea tractor, the choice is yours.

There are so many bolt on bits you can choose from, it’s all too easy to add components that detract from the look you are after.

As a rule of thumb, checker plate should only be fitted to horizontal surfaces, NOT to anything vertical.

Checker pate on vertical surfaces is a sign that you are trying to hide rotten panels….. it is not a good thing!

On flat surfaces however it is a protective, weight bearing surface for standing on etc and thus looks right.

Choosing the right bodywork additions is the key to making your Defender look better.

Upgrading suspension, raising the ride height by a few inches and bringing your wheels out to the edge of the arches will give your Defender a more imposing presence and is one of the first easy wins to transforming the appearance of a standard 90 or 110 Defender.

Bumpers, light surrounds, grilles, rear steps, rear wheel carriers, external roll cages, bonnets and glass modifications will all work to transform the appearance of your Defender. But be sure to choose the right versions of each component, as poor quality additions will just make your Land Rover look cheap and nasty!